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It was as if the woman had been trained to anticipate Shoshana's every move. A lot of our guests whisper their secrets to Oprah," the male stagehand said, his dark eyes twinkling. He squeezed her arm and she smiled at him. It was working. He was definitely making her feel calmer. Palm tree waving in the wind on a tropical island, palm tree waving in the wind on a tropical island. Her sister Emily had suggested earlier at lunch that she project a calm image behind her eyelids when she felt nervous.

Model Measurements – Height, Bust, Hips, And Waist sizes of Runway Models

Suddenly her phone rang. The call was from Shoshana's mother, and she'd programmed her phone with this ring because her mother was always calling Shoshana and asking if she was all right. That's why Em and I are calling.

Jeff Cavaliere’s Official Height, Weight, Body Fat (REVEALED!)

We snuck into the bathroom when Kirstie went on stage. She's looking good, isn't she? The woman is over sixty, you know. Isn't there some rule against it? Shoshana saw the stagehand offer her a chocolate-chip cookie from the goodies on the table. The woman declined it by shaking her head so hard Shoshana feared it might slip right off her neck. Just have that bottle of scotch ready for when I totally make an ass out of myself.

That is why your sister and I called you. We wanted to let you know what a talented, beautiful, and smart woman you are. You're going to knock their socks off out there. Just remember how many girls at home are watching and looking up to you. This one's for the Fatties.

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She'd even had her belly button done, which impressed Shoshana to no end because Emily was a big girl like herself and didn't exactly have washboard abs. Emily was also her best friend and lifelong confidante. Shoshana had never told her this, but Emily was the reason she'd started the Fat and Fabulous blog.

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At pounds, she'd had shit shoveled at her by people her entire life. Elementary school, high school, neighbors, cousins Sure, Emily was tough as nails and as a child would beat the living daylights out of anyone who teased her about her weight, but Shoshana couldn't help feeling overprotective of her. Kids could be so mean. Shoshana remembered Emily being poked with a pencil in the third grade by Steven Myers, because, he said, "She probably can't feel it. It had left a scar, which he still showed them. It was ironic because Emily would later date him briefly in high school, and soon grow bored and dump him.

Army Height And Weight Standards

Shoshana watched her younger sister try every diet under the moon and stars. At one point she'd gotten down to pounds, but it was the toxic result from a liquid diet that caused her to faint at work and have bright blue, Avatar- like poop. Then there was Atkins, which called for drinking straight whiskey, to avoid the calories in beer. After one particular night of too much fun in a West Village cowgirl bar, Shoshana rode with her sister to the emergency room to have her stomach pumped. In the end, the result was always the same: Emily put the weight back on, then hit a downward spiral of depression as a result of the shame and guilt.

This finally led Shoshana to start Fat and Fabulous, a blog that began as a simple battle cry and went on to pick up millions of loyal readers.

150 Pounds: A Novel of Waists and Measures

Its popularity was the reason she was here today — Oprah's producer had called two weeks ago to ask Shoshana to speak about the experiences she'd faced as a larger woman, as well as what her readers had gone through. Shoshana called her fans "Fatties," affectionately, of course. Her mother, Pam, had also been on yo-yo diets her entire life, starting in her teens when her bell-bottoms began getting more and more snug.

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She was the heaviest now since Shoshana's father died several years ago, and she was a compulsive overeater. Today, her weight hovered close to three hundred pounds. Because Shoshana was always the smallest Weiner girl, her mother and sister tried to protect her from becoming large. Pam felt her own fat reflected poorly on who she was as a person — that she was weak somehow.

Shoshana remembered one frigidly cold day last winter when her mother discovered she'd gained too much weight to fit into her winter jacket; and yet she refused to buy a new one. Shoshana and Emily had tried everything in their power to get her a new coat, even getting her a gift certificate from Bloomingdale's for Hanukkah. Only Pam used the money to buy matching purses for her daughters.

They brought home catalogs from the few plus-size stores that existed. You are going to freeze instead of buy a larger coat?

I don't deserve to buy any new clothing until I lose this weight. It broke Shoshana's heart. She knitted Pam four scarves last winter, trying to keep her warm.

How Many Calories Burned Walking Compared to Calories Burned Running?

After starting Fat and Fabulous, Shoshana grew closer to her mother and sister than ever before — it was like she'd given them permission to open up about being big. She wrote a memorable post about the coat aversion and received hundreds of positive e-mails from her readers. One posted a similar story on the comments page; she'd felt too humiliated about being heavy to buy maternity clothing when she was pregnant. I'm already fat, and being pregnant didn't allow me to feel that glow that other expecting mothers do.

Besides, you could barely tell I was pregnant anyway, because of my weight problem. Shoshana ached for this reader — unable to celebrate one of life's greatest moments with fun, feminine maternity clothes. It was what kept Shoshana going, women just like her sister, like her mother. They deserved to love themselves. They deserved to have people not look at them like criminals because they were big. They might be Fatties, like her, but they were also Fabulous! Shoshana stole a quick glance at the other guest; her blond head was bent as she pored over carefully typed notes.

Shoshana sighed. She'd planned on just winging it. Shoshana squared her broad shoulders. Lifted her chin. Opened her purse and ran a swipe of pink gloss over her lips for the thousandth time. She was sure she single-handedly kept the lip-gloss economy running. Buying a small, sparkly tube or a lovely round glass jar with beautiful packaging was a cure-all to any bad day. Some people did drugs. She had a twenty-bucks-a-week pucker-spoiling habit, which she figured was better than a heroin addiction. Or gambling. Or even smoking cigarettes. For luck, she stuffed into her mouth a Hershey's Kiss, which had been sitting in her pocket since she'd left the hotel, and ignored the glares she received for this small act from the other guest.

A woman should have a piece of chocolate every day.